What is the best Linux distribution to build gnome-music successfully

Please suggest the best Linux distribution to build gnome-music successfully.

Building with meson.
Having problems with dependencies in Ubuntu hirsute, debian Linux distributions when building with meson.

Some dependencies are not found.

I have installed those linux distributions with proot-distro in termux.

Please help here.

Did you installed all dependencies Gnome Music needs?
If not, you could try using apt-get build-dep gnome-music to install the needed dependencies.

Otherwise, Ubuntu has a slower update policy, meaning they not always have the newest version. In this case, I would recommend you use the code for the release Ubuntu uses (Ubuntu hirsute seems to use 3.36, so you would need to check out the tag for an 3.36 release on your git clone).

If you want to build the newest releases on an old distribution, then you could also try flatpak-builder, as this can get the needed dependencies and runtime.

And if you really want a distribution that is close to upstream updates, there is Fedora, but I doubt you definitly need to switch distributions to build Gnome Music.

Command : apt-get build-dep gnome-music
Getting this error:
E: You must put some ‘deb-src’ URIs in your sources.list

Seems to be either be that you need to run it as root or that you’re Ubuntu is not activating the source repositories by default.
If the latter, check the file /etc/apt/sources.list. If there are lines starting with # deb-src, you apparently only need to uncomment this (remove the #) to activate them.

No lines starting with # deb-src

You could add the deb-src repositories by yourself, but I guess it would be easier to go with flatpak-builder then, should your system supports the installation of it.

I don’t know much about flatpak.
Please provide procedure for building with flatpak-builder.

Previously I tried to install some packages with flatpak.

But getting error :
Network is down.

Same error with …
flatpak remote-add

Internet is ON.
apt-get works well.

There’s a step-by-step at Newcomers - GNOME Wiki!.

I have looked into the proot-distro you’re using a little bit more.

Here’s the thing:
I have originally assumed that you’re using a full Linux system, but it seems you’re using a system similar to WSL 1, which does not contain everything you can do on a full system (it also seems to not have every package available).

Flatpak for example seems to fail as it can’t connect with system services which are not present.

This complicates it, having take a quick look it seems it does not even have gnome-music available as a package (try it with apt-get gnome-music).

To summarize: proot-distro seems to be focused on small things like python or bash, it might not be possible to compile Gnome Music with it. Will take a look if there is a possibility, but it might not give a end result.

After some testing with Termux, I don’t think I can find a solution here.

It seems to me like the needed packages are not available in the repository for the proot-Ubuntu, and Flatpak seems to be hindered by it being not a complete running distribution.

If you ask me, as your problem has to do with an Linux emulation layer rather than with an normal Linux system, you be better of asking by the maintainers of proot-distro.

Thank you for your efforts in helping me.

apt-get install gnome-music is working in Ubuntu in my case.

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