What does being an "open source newcomer" mean in the GSoC requirements?

Sometimes, I think about contributing to Gnome projects, but I fear a bit, as this years GSoC application period is over, and I worry that I can’t apply to the next if I contribute too much – as you have to be an “open source newcomer” in order to apply.

Does anybody know what that means? What is the criterion on whether you can apply?

How do I know if I am considered a beginner in open source development?

A beginner in open source software includes people with minimal open source experience. You would still be considered a beginner if your experience only includes:

Personal or class projects, including boot camp projects.
Open source projects that are only used at a single institution. (example: a club website or research that happened to be published as open source at your old university)
Opening a small number (<10) of issues or pull requests against various open source packages.
Continued involvement in an open source project that you joined as part of GSoC.

If you are otherwise a regular contributor to an open source project, you’re not a beginner.

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