What do you use to merge image pages + pdf pages into one pdf? Evince didn't support this feature


I look for a tool to merge several images or pdf documents into a single pdf document (one document by page).

On macOS I use with success Preview to perform this task.

I did some research in:

I did not find anything (outside cli tool, old PDF-Shuffler and pdftk).


  • What do you use to merge image pages + pdf pages info one pdf file?
  • Is this functionality is in the Evince scope? If yes, do you advise me to create an issue in the Evince GitLab project?

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I found a slight overkill solution: I used Scribus, I created 5 pages and then inserted a frame image on each page and exported the result to one PDF file.

You could also try PDF Arranger. Although it is limited to handle only PDF, not insert images into PDF.

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