What do you all think of nostr protocol?


I was recently told about a “new protocol” that should not be “100% censored”. Which is an “alternative to Twitter”, which is open source and which is similar to a protocol like Bittorent. The name of this protocol is nostr and there are several clients in nostr like chat stuff, social networks etc.

My doubt is:

  1. what are the pros and cons of nostr?
  2. Is it a good and interesting protocol?
  3. do you all think it can be an alternative to twitter?
  4. what do you all think about this protocol: nostr?
  5. Is this protocol secure? is it private?
  6. What happens if I want to report content that I believe is wrong?
  7. Has the gnome team ever considered using this protocol?
  8. Is this protocol interesting or not?
  9. Why use nostr instead of IPFS?

Why are you asking this question here?
I’ve been using the gnome desktop environment for a long time, and the gnome community in terms of gnome desktop environment development is always a very active community. I thought I’d take these technical questions with those who develop systems for my work area, because in my view they are interesting people to talk to.

And also because I want to understand the technical aspect of this “new network protocol” that most people on the internet say is “an interesting protocol”, I thought it wouldn’t be better to talk to developers to get an overview if this network protocol is interesting or not.

The reason for this post is not spam, but a curious question from someone who likes information technology. And for anyone who wants to understand the technical and theoretical aspect of something they don’t currently understand.


  • Some say that nostr is a network protocol that “cannot be censored”, I don’t think that statement makes sense considering there are alternatives like Hypercore, IPFS.
  • A problem that I think is bad, is that this network protocol serves for messages. What about binary files? how image? how interesting would nostr be for binary files like images?
  • another general problem I also think is that many say that the nostr protocol will or could be an alternative to email. As far as I know, email is a network protocol for messaging, decentralized. And as far as I know, email already comes with things like pgp to encrypt messages. How could nostr be an alternative to email, if email already has most of the features of the nostr network protocol said?

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