What causes this window corrption?

A picture is worth a thousand words. I know this has happened to someone else.
It obviously renders the application unusable.


What causes this and how can I make it never happen again?

Hi, this may be hard to debug. Which system is that? X11 or Wayland?

Does the same happen with other GTK3 applications?


I didn’t realize dia was gtk3. Isn’t 4 the current version?

no other app I was using at the time was doing that.

I was experimenting with EasyOCR at the time on some documents. EasyOCR supposedly tries to use pytorch to run OCR in an “ai” enabled gpu accelerated way. I don’t think I really have a proper “GPU” on this laptop. its just intel embeded iris graphics.

I tried running gpu_burn or vulkan_memtest to check for bad vram but after hours trying to get them to compile I’m just more reassured that I dont have any video memory to test. actually I know there’s an 8gb stick in this laptop and my OS sees 7.5GB. so thats probably a clue…

Dia is no longer showing up corrupted. I know I closed it and remoened it at the time. but opening it a day later there’s no corruption. I hate ghosts.

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