Welcome to the ostree discussions!

Hey so I’ll be honest, my response rate on the ostree-list@gnome.org was kind of poor mainly because I got indirectly spammed by mailman moderation approvals. I never understood the idea behind a “once a day email” for that. Anyways, interacting via discourse is way nicer (and I hope it’s easier for them to block spam).

There’s a lot going on in the ostree world (we just posted Changes/OstreeNativeContainerStable - Fedora Project Wiki ).

While obviously most ostree things are happening on Github now…and we could in theory just enable the Github Discussions there, personally I would like to keep some threads here because:

  • ostree was “born” in the GNOME project, and while the linkage is certainly tenuous today I don’t see a reason to sever it completely
  • I’m still personally conflicted about Github; Still on Github « Colin Walters is still true. Using the FOSS discourse here helps have one fewer dependency on proprietary software. (But OTOH, I am also of the opinion that Github’s centralization of things has actually much more helped FOSS than harmed in enabling drive by contributions, zero cost integrated CI etc.)

ostree is over 10 years old now, and I’m still committed to transactional image-based updates - let’s see what the future brings here!

(Hmm, should there be a category for “not gnome but associated projects”?)

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