Welcome to GNOME: A landing page for newcomers

“Welcome to GNOME” is the working title for a project I almost started about a year ago: A unified landing page for people interested in contributing to GNOME.

The potential benefits over wiki pages and current gnome.org could be:

  • Translated content
  • Automated content for each app
  • Follow the GNOME Brand visual identity
  • Replaces frequently repeated content in CONTRIBUTING.md
  • Reduce the number of existing landing pages for new contributors

Examples of pages that the project could potentially supersede:

It is not a goal to replace resources like the Beginner Tutorials on developer.gnome.org but instead to link to those resources.

The current goal that I have for this project is

  • To be a warm and welcoming landing page that gives an overview of the GNOME project featuring localized content and less technical language
  • Providing some of the basic information about a specific app in one place like
    • Where to translate it
    • Available nightly version
    • How to clone and run the app
    • Relevant documentation for GTK/Libadwaita for its programming language

Apart from the i18n, who indicated they want to keep their wiki pages instead (which is absolutely possible), the project got some positive feedback.

To land this project, it would be great to

  • know what GNOME teams want to move their landing pages to this project,
  • get some help with the design and the naming of the page,
  • update the information about the programming languages and their GTK bindings
  • get some feedback from the creators of existing pages like newcomers if it would be okay to supersede them.

This is a very nice idea. I think the current Newcomers content is very well done, but in general we want to move stuff out of the wiki, and i’m not sure its actively maintained.

Frederico wrote a nice blog about Development guides. It would be nice to have such a thing for GNOME, one place where we can hold the newcomers page, links to developer docs, etc. etc. Hopefully it’s possible to do that in a way that doesn’t look overwhelmingly technical for newcomers.

edit: Turns out I was thinking of GNOME Developer Documentation, which you already mentioned you don’t intend to replace :slight_smile:

This is great. Can’t wait to see new things

:raised_hands: This is really awesome Sophie :clinking_glasses: , well done.

Its all beginning to tie together nicely.
Its a shame that there isn’t great progress on the help.gnome.org infrastructure.

Would have been interesting to have the contribution guides as help topics or collections themselves rather than just a static site. Maybe even also enabling some connective tissue between the user and developer docs.

I still think antora would be a suitable replacement if there’s suitable desire within the community but if not then my best actionable suggestion is to create something more visceral for when the user arrives at the page. Maybe add a backing image to those topics.

I’d say keep the grid format you have already though.

Screenshot from 2023-04-01 15-06-41

@sophieherold Thanks for working on this. Looking at Welcome to GNOME – Overview you already refer to TranslationProject - GNOME Wiki!, which is great, can you also add
DocumentationProject - GNOME Wiki! then?

Considering that the instructions currently highlight contacting the team via irc.gnome.org (retired) or mailing list (retired) does not make me feel comfortable sending contributors to those pages. However, I’m happy to link to them once they are updated or help with creating a new page on the Welcome site.

Sure there are a few things that need to get updated but the idea is not leave out one of the core teams.

Anyway, what’s your timeframe for deploying this page?

Realistically, late 2023. Loupe has priority until GNOME 45 is done.

Okay, cool. Until then I think we can manage to update those few outdated parts.

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