Website for browsing and searching for GObject libraries

Since a while I thought about having a website similar to or, but for GObject libraries. At the moment you always need to search on the internet for such libraries and not so popular ones are really difficult to find. Especially for languages that are mainly enabled by GObject, but also for example in other languages to integrate better with other already used GObject libraries like GTK.

So I made now a prototype. You can search for gtk and libsoup just to demonstrate how it would work. I would like to have something like that maybe on, but a dynamic search is as far as I know not possible there. Also many libraries would go there which are not part of the gnome platform and therefore wouldn’t fit into the platform overview page there.


Do you really need a dynamic search by default? The number of gobject based libraries is pretty small compared to the number of crates on or python packages on

I would suggest listing all the libraries and then look for a different solution if that number “feels” large to you.

I am open for having first something without dynamic search, and only when it gets too much we can think of other solutions.
I guess then such a website should be looking like the gnome developer documentation and also should be build with sphinx.
Is just one big list sufficient or should there be some sectioning or grouping? And is there anything else to consider?
Thank you for giving some feedback!

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