Weblate instance for GNOME?


Many open source projects are adopting online translation platforms nowadays, be it Transifex, Pootle or Weblate. Is there any plan to do that for GNOME? It would be much more easier to participate in translation this way. I can say for sure since I contribute translations to several other projects as well,



I’m not really knowledgeable in our translation infrastructure, but I know that Transifex is automatically excluded by the fact that it is a proprietary platform.

If you’re looking for a pretty UI to add translations, then I would suggest GTranslator as a possible solution. If it’s more than that which you’re looking for, then it might make sense to also get feedback from the Localization Coordination Team (which you can find in our localization wiki page) and on IRC in the #i18n channel.

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Hi, I use Poedit. The question here is not of usability of desktop software, but overall of convenience of online translation platforms. To contribute a translation to GNOME component, I need to download PO file, translate it locally, then click up to 5 buttons on Damned Lies to actually commit it.

The localisation community for GNOME typically uses the gnome-i18n mailing list.

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Hi, thanks for reply, forwarded my question to that list.


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