Web/epiphany: web pages randomly jumps to top

I’ve been using Web as my main browser and really love it. But I’ve encountered two minor problems:

  1. While I’m reading a web page, the page will sometimes jump back to the top on its own. (I use a touchpad and scroll down pages to read.)

  2. I’m unable to copy and paste text from the url bar. In Firefox, for example, I can triple click on the text in the url bar to highlight it, and then paste it with a three-finger tap on my touchpad. This doesn’t work with Web. The only way to copy and paste text from the url bar in Web is by triple-clicking, hitting ctrl+c, and then ctrl + v.

As I said, these are minor problems in an otherwise fantastic browser. I’m looking forward to its continuing improvement and development!

Hi, feel free to report the first problem on WebKit Bugzilla using the WebKitGTK component.

The second problem can be reported on the Epiphany issue tracker.

Thanks for the advice–I reported the issues at the two sites you suggested.

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