We need a GtkCollectionView

The GtkListView is an important but just a special case of ordering widgets.
It should inherit from a view that arranges views and recycles them on the parent widget.

You know, like the great widget that Cocoa/macOS has for 15 years now.


We will write it:)
Without jokes, I really tried to understand lists and collections maybe we will try to simplify understanding of it and will make your GtkCollectionView?
*i think it is interesting task as for me

Well we have to discuss this anyway.

Gtk 4.0 is now at the technical level of 1979. We have to move from MVC to MVVM.

This involes to finally add multithreading to models, widgets and collection views that make the model receive model deltas to synchronize between “backend” main model and view models. The thread separation we get out of this is imho the most important difference between MVC and MVVM even if the designer separation is more discussed.

Thats what Apple and Google are trying to do for a few years now. Apple a little bit ahead of all others.

Who is “we”, in this topic?

Principally: who do you expect is going to be working on this?

I know you don’t like open discussions but mentally i did include you into the “we”.

GtkDevelopers and GtkUsers. Unfortunately and very IBM like, it was never a real community project so i understand your problems with this little “we”.

And the technical reason is that Gtk is still very slow, but we have a move ahead to 144hz frame rate displays and the main gui thread is already saturated. Add this with the CPU not getting faster and hitting limits (ask Apple and TSMC about going 3nm) we have to start optimizing code now.

This is hilariously wrong.

GTK is a volunteer-driven project. When you want something to happen inside GTK, you need to work on it.

Coming on Discourse, opening topics with “we need”, does not prime people working on GTK to listen to what you “need”. If you start throwing things in like “technical reasons why GTK is very slow”, or unfunded conspiracy theories about IBM, then you sound like some redditor.

Instead, let’s start from scratch:

  • what are your requirements?
  • what kind of application are you writing?
  • what kind of API would you use? What kind of API would you design?
  • how much time/resources are you willing to put into a new widget?

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