Way to Avoid Having to Click on Firefox Notifications Twice to Focus The Window?

When I get a notification from Firefox when I’m focused on another window or workspace I get the notification popup at the top of the screen. When I click on that notification it tries to bring the Firefox window to focus, but instead it shows another notification like what happens when a window repeatedly tries to bring itself to the front and instead of immediately moving it to the front Gnome shows a notification saying something like “Firefox is ready”. Then I have to click that new notification to actually focus on the Firefox window.

Is there a way to configure Gnome so that I only have to click the notification once?

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I think this is an issue with Firefox. The same has happened with Telegram for me. But it was fixed recently. I’m not sure, where the bug is from (GNOME or Firefox), let’s wait for others comments. :smile:

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Thanks @zbrown!

Looks like the easiest way to fix it universally is to install the Focus My Window Gnome extension ( as long as you don’t mind getting rid of the “[window] is ready” feature ).

The extension isn’t released for the latest version of Gnome, but it is easy just to update the metadata.json file so that it works. You just need to add the "extension-id": "focus-my-window" and add your shell version to the end of the shell-version section:

  "_generated": "Generated by SweetTooth, do not edit", 
  "description": "Removes window is ready message and focuses the window instead", 
  "name": "Focus my window", 
  "extension-id": "focus-my-window",
  "shell-version": [
  "url": "https://github.com/v-dimitrov/gnome-shell-extension-stealmyfocus", 
  "uuid": "focus-my-window@varianto25.com", 
  "version": 1
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