Wasted space when zooming photo files

Hello Guys,
I’ve noticed that there is a lot of wasted space when in thumbnails mode with maximum zoom.
with just a few pictures, you are forced to scroll a lot to view the photos.
Is it possible to have a more “compact” view?

this is an example of how Shotwell (I know it’s a dedicated software) shows thumbnails:

Hi Fabio, this is a known issue that is tracked in On HiDPI (4K) displays, 256px icon grid view zoom size adds extra padding / margins to thumbnails compared to icons (#2562) · Issues · GNOME / Files · GitLab. A fix is somewhat in the works, but currently stalled.

Hello Peter, thanks a lot for pointing out. I just want to highlight that i have a simple full hd screen here.
I wrote also in the bug.

Hmm, that is odd, I have only ever heard of this issue in the context of HiDPI screens. Do you maybe have one of those occasionally connected?

Nope, that is my screen config:

Asus VC239H Monitor 23’', FHD (1920x1080), IPS, Frameless, Flicker Free, Low Blue Light, TUV Certified

Maybe these thumbnails predate our support for large thumbnails.

In that case, resetting the thumbnail cache may help.

You can do this by deleting the $HOME/.cache/thumbnails/normal/ folder then reopen Files.

Did it help?

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Hey, I would say it worked!

Thanks for the help.
but how this cache got corrupted?

I’m glad this was it!

It was not corrupted. The old thumbnails were likely created with an older version of this app, with the maximum size supported at the time. Now they were recreated with a larger size.

Ideally we should be able to detect the cached thumbnails are too small and generate larger ones. As Peter mentioned, there is work in progress to address this, but it’s not ready yet.

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But this is strange because I freshly installed ubuntu 23.10 I didn’t update it from 23.04.
Usually software within the same version doesn’t make major updates no?

It’s weird then, indeed. Unless you kept/restored your home folder contents from an earlier distro installation.

No, I decided to format the drive. Especially to avoid this kind of issues. :slight_smile:

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