Visual studio c# gtk#

I am new to gtk and I have a project done on gtk c# can I open it using visual studio 2019 and see the design form in visual studio and change on the design .
hope some one give an answer with detail .

Not in Visual Studio, you need Glade to edit GTK UI files. Then I have to ask you: does that project make use of UI files or rather builds everything from code?

The best way to get Glade on Windows is through MSYS2 or WSL2.

they are all .cs files. so can I see the design using one of MSYS2 or WSL2
I search in internet for a good tutorial c# usig GTK but I didn’t find. where can I get simple and clear tutorial for GTK c#.

If there are only .cs files then it’s building the entire user interface in code, Glade won’t help there. Anyway nothing stops you from operating directly in code!

I recommend reading the tutorials listed in and watching some video on YouTube! Search for ‘gtk sharp’.

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