Visual Studio 2022 and GTK

I installed msys2 on disk C, then installed GTK support using pacman. In the test project settings, I specified directories with included files and libraries. I get a lot of errors (syntax errors and the absence of variables in the list of formal parameters) . Please tell me how to properly configure the project to create GTK applications. About 5 years ago, this project was compiled, but with some other GTK library, I don’t remember which one. The project — Яндекс.Диск.


You can compile GTK 4 using only msvc/visual studio toolchain which should make things simpler and avoid msys2, would something like that work for you?

It would be very interesting to me. Is it difficult to do this?

I haven’t tried it recently, but visual studio nowdays knows how to build meson projects and gtk 4 will fetch and build all its deps with meson subprojects, so simply opening the project in visual studio and clicking build should work.

It’s also possible to do the same thing from the command line by opening a visual studio development prompt and using the usual meson commands to will also work.

meson build
meson compile -C build

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