Viewing sent encrypted mails

When I send an encrypted email using PGP to , Evolution let me view the sent message but asks for the private key. I store keys using the app kleopatra. I’m curios how or why this can work. I deleted the public key for, but I can still view the content of the sent message.

Why is that?

Hi, that’s because the public key is not used to view content of a sent message but the private key.

Hi, but the email I sent to however uses the recipients public key to encrypt the messages. And only the recipient can decrypt the email with its private key. So why does my private key matters?

Edit: I just imported a public key file in thunderbird and was not able to send an encrypted email with that key until I created a key pair for the senders email account. So that would underline your explanation

Uh, I naively assumed that “Edit > Preferences > Mail Accounts > Edit > Security > PGP > Always encrypt to myself when sending encrypted messages” is enabled (it is enabled by default). Otherwise you could not read messages that you sent yourself anymore.

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