Vertical Workspaces?

Is there any way, maybe some extension … to enable vertical desktop settings like in Gnome 3?

At all, the horizontal ones from Gnome 4 are… , to put it mildly, a misunderstanding!
It is so impractical to use that it is hard to believe that someone made it up!

There’s an extension on the website, literally the first result if you search for “vertical”: Vertical overview - GNOME Shell Extensions

There’s no reason whatsoever to insult the people that make the desktop you’re using for free.

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I used Linux and just Gnome with number ONE. I’ve always thought that this is a great job done by the community for the community! Unfortunately, recently I have the impression (not only me reading the forums!) That Gnome developers are absolutely not listening to the voice of the community! Somewhere I even read the statement that the Gnome is downright sabotaged and castrated of its functionality!

I love Gnome for its simplicity and intuitiveness and it’s hard for me to change to something else, so I got used to it, only this Gnome, unfortunately, becomes more and more senseless, heavy to use …
Evolution is not working properly for a few weeks now official bugs have been reported and nothing is happening …

Anyway, thank you for the developers’ work, but because I have been using Gnome for a long time, I have the right to express my opinion for a long time.

Fun fact: before GNOME3, virtual desktops were traditionally horizontal, and many people weren’t happy with the vertical ones when they were introduced. So you see, it really is a matter of preference and habit; there will always be people unhappy with a change, whatever that change might be.

You had the right to do that regardless of how long you used GNOME; what you don’t have is the right of casting aspersions on the people who made GNOME. It does not matter how long you’ve used a free and open source project: you got it for free, and that gives you no rights, save for the ones enshrined by the license we use for our software.

You also have the obligation to follow the GNOME code of conduct on services provided by the Foundation—like this forum.

In short:

  • you could have searched this forum for “vertical overview”, which would have sent you to various threads that also pointed at an extension
  • you could have searched on the extensions website for an extension that gave you the older Shell layout
  • you could have created a new topic to ask if there were extensions available

Instead, you chose to be a dick about it. Please, don’t be a dick about things—especially things that you’re getting from volunteers, for free.

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