Verifying GNOME apps on Flathub

Flathub is changing the verification mechanism for GNOME applications to ensure that it accurately reflects the ownership of the applications for our users.

If you maintain one of the following applications:

  • org.gnome.Fractal
  • org.gnome.Sudoku
  • org.gnome.TwentyFortyEight
  • org.gnome.Mines
  • org.gnome.ColorViewer
  • org.gnome.PowerStats
  • org.gnome.Reversi
  • org.gnome.Nibbles
  • org.gnome.Robots
  • org.gnome.Klotski
  • org.gnome.Taquin
  • org.gnome.FileRoller
  • org.gnome.Podcasts
  • org.gnome.Polari
  • org.gnome.Calls
  • org.gnome.five-or-more
  • org.gnome.Cheese
  • org.gnome.Photos
  • org.gnome.Tali
  • org.gnome.Mahjongg
  • org.gnome.Solanum
  • org.gnome.BreakTimer
  • org.gnome.LightsOff

Then you will need to re-verify the application by following this process:

  1. Make sure you are listed in the DOAP file of your project as a maintainer
  2. Log in with your GitHub account at Log In | Flathub,
  3. Link your GNOME GitLab account at Settings | Flathub,
  4. Go to${your_application_id},
  5. Click “Verification”, then “Login provider verification”, and follow the steps there.

If you encounter any issue, join the Infrastructure room on Matrix or report an issue on the Infrastructure project on GitLab.

NOTE: If the name of the project’s repository in the GNOME or World groups does not match the last element of the application id, then file an issue on the Infrastructure repository.


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