found illegal character

Working in gitlab
Downloaded all GIMP help files (master) with the command:
“git clone GNOME / gimp-help · GitLab

“cd git-help”
“./ --without-gimp ALL_LINGUAS=“en nn””
“make xml-nn”
“cd po/nn”
“$ find . -type f -print0 | xargs -0…/…/tools/”

“Po file: ./using.po
Po line number: 735
Source text: [(’ ', ‘’), (‘src/using/customize-splashscreen.xml:46(para)’, ‘’), (‘src/using/animated-brushes.xml:299(para)’, ‘’)]
ERROR: Found illegal character in text: 8.”

Is it the character “8” who is illegal or is it the character number 8?
More important: how to fix it?


ASCII character 8 is the backspace character.

Do you maybe have \b somewhere in your translation? Where the b is the start of a word. In that case add an extra \ so it should be \\b.
\ define special control characters. When using it in filenames, you need to double it.

Ah, I see where the problem is, indeed as I said:

This needs an extra \ like this:

Thank you.
Yes, you are right!
I had never figured it out myself.
I’m learning something every day.

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