Vala VS Code integration

I installed the Vala extension from Prince Ferro and the Vala language-server and I can successfully compile and run, but I always get the error “The namespace name `Gtk’ could not be found” in the editor. How can I correct this in VS Code ?

have you got any sample code?

can you supply the meson build files?

I tried the examples / tutorial from the official Vala documentation page.
There were some problems compiling Vala code. I quit learning Vala now, I stay at old C.

I have vala compiling and building in vscode quite well

contact me if you want the instructions

check your file in your projects “src” directory

you need to add the Gtk dependency in there and then in your code you should have a line that states “using Gtk;”

heres a file

sources = files(

dependencies = [

  dependencies: dependencies,
  install: true

and in your source file

	main app for your app

using Gtk;

public class MyApp : Adw.Application {

// Member variables

	private GLib.Settings myapp_settings;
	private MyApprWindow app_window;

// Constructor

    public MyApp () {
        Object (application_id: "com.github.xxxx.xxxxx",
                flags : GLib.ApplicationFlags.FLAGS_NONE);

… etc