Vala symbols not detected?

Is there even support for that “Select Symbol…” menu in Vala code? Is it my mistake in the settings? I wanna the IDE to have understanding of code at least smarter than atom’s, but now even the symbols aren’t detected or auto-completed in my Vala project.

UPDATE: Symbols in C are perfectly detected (and I’m happy with the completion), even when the files are not added to the meson config. Also with some C code the omnibar started telling that it’s indexing the code, which it did not do only with Vala code.

I figured it out myself. Just needed to install GVLS server to make the completion work (not so perfect as in C, but it at least can suggest me objects’ fields I never knew about).

Is the thread now considered as solved? Why can’t I mark my own reply as the solution?

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