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Vala noob here :slight_smile:

C# has a ToArray() method to convert a List<T> to array T[], is there anything similar in Vala?

I made that code below, but I find it quite ugly (resizing in loop…), has anyone a better way for converting?

private bool on_drop (Gtk.DropTarget dt, Value val, double x, double y)
    Gdk.FileList flist = val as Gdk.FileList;

    if (null == flist)
        return false;

    /* FIXME: is there a better way to convert GLib.SList to array? */
    GLib.File[] files = new GLib.File[0];
    foreach (GLib.File f in flist.get_files())
        files += f;

    this.open_files(files);   // takes an array, because it's also called by

    return true;

Your solution doesn’t look wrong. There is no existing method to turn a List into an array. You could of course not demand an array, but a List or FileList by open_files. Also there is Gtk.DirectoryList, maybe that works for you better.

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If I’m not mistaken, Vala allocates array memory in chunks of 128 bytes. So, you might just be fine. You can check the generated C code to confirm if it is true or not.

I have a generic implementation of this but that isn’t better either.

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OK, thanks!

Yeah I could pass a FileList or SList<File> to open_files but then I need to adapt the open handler of my GApplication to convert the array it receives to whatever open_files accepts (I would like to open files by both commandline and drag-n-drop). If there was a ToArray() method things would have been easier :slight_smile:

I think the Gtk.DirectoryList doesn’t suit well for my usecase. But could be super useful to open a folder and track its content. Thanks for the hint anyway!

Ah, interesting indeed.
Thanks for the link!

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