Vala Bindings to TrackerSparqlConnectionFlags Members

Hey everyone,

I’m developing an application à la GNOME Tracker Miners in Vala and using its source as a guide. In the creation of a miner’s triple store connection, a number of flags related to full-text search are passed that do not exist in the Vala bindings. Are these flags recommended generally (I would assume so) and, if so, how might I go about generating a VAPI which includes them?

And on a somewhat unrelated note, thank you for the awesome functionality that Tracker provides!

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Tracker’s VAPI is currently hand-written (due to historic reasons because tracker was originally written in Vala). I made some effort into auto-generating it but that’s a bit problematic since that’d break the API of the VAPI quite a bit so we’ll probably wait for the next tracker api break to pull the trigger on that.

So for the time being, your best bet is to submit a MR against to add the flags you’re missing.

Hope that helps

That’s interesting to hear that the VAPI is hand-written. I’d be happy to help with the auto-generation effort if need be, but I’ll go ahead with the MR in the meantime. Thank you for your help!

Ah, the autogeneration works fine already, the problem is that the current, hand-written bindings do some rather non-idiomatic things. vapigen (the autogenerator) generates the bindings pretty differently to make them more idiomatic, but that results in a huge API break. We could override the generator’s choices but that’s a lot of work for no real gain. As such, I think it’s best to just keep the handwritten VAPi for now and switch over to the autogenerated one (with way nicer API) with the next major Tracker release.

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