Using touch renders GTK4 apps unclickable

I’ve just updated to Ubuntu 22.10, so many of the new GTK4 apps have been installed, along with GNOME 43. There are several issues with touch that make nautilus, for example, unusable. Here are a couple very important ones:

This message is about a problem that has not yet been reported, but I’m not sure where to report it, or how to debug it.

I was trying to scroll in nautilus with my finger. This doesn’t really work, but worse, it puts GTK4 apps (even those not yet open!) into a strange state where the windows cannot be interacted with, through touch or even with the mouse pointer.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. scroll in nautilus for a while with finger, until nothing works
  2. note that even the mouse can no longer move the window or open any menus
  3. open gnome text editor and see that there is the same issue.
  4. open evince (GTK3) and see that there is no such problem

NOTE: I figured out a way to break the spell by using the button on the keyboard and then to open a menu. Once I’ve done this, that particular window acts normally again. This must be done in each GTK4 window, in order to resuscitate it.

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