Using the org.gnome. namespace for Break Timer

I decided to finally spend a couple weekends bringing GNOME Break Timer back to life, which was my Google Summer of Code project in 2013, and eventually vanished into oblivion:

I tweaked some UI code in the break settings app to be newer and shinier (yay, animations!), updated it to use Mutter’s idle monitor instead of X11 stuff, refactored some ancient over-engineered code to be less bad (story of my life :b), spiffed up the icon, and taught it to work from a flatpak with strict sandboxing. (I’m really pleased with how the background portal stuff turned out).

Anyway, I’m here because at the moment the app is using the name org.gnome.BreakTimer and kind of a hodgepodge of GNOME infrastructure. (It is on l10n-gnome-org - although archived at the moment. It’s also listed under Non-core apps in But I feel like much of this is just because it was like that, err, seven years ago (!). I figure I should double check here whether that’s okay, and also to bring this all to a coherent state one way or another.

Does it still make sense for Break Timer to use the org.gnome. prefix, and live under Or should we take this opportunity to rename the thing and maybe put it under and

Personally I am quite happy with Break Timer being an official GNOME application - I think it makes sense for a modern desktop OS to have this sort of thing handy, and I’m definitely planning to stick around now that I’ve rebooted the thing. But this isn’t difficult to change, so truly any outcome works for me :slight_smile:


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