Using mnemonic identifier with keyboard shortcuts for labels

Hi there,

I am using Gnome Evolution 3.44 on Ubuntu 22.04, and I am a big user of the Label functionality. I have put mnemonic identifiers on my labels with the underscore, and everything works fine as long as I right-click the email, and then use “L” to go to the label menu, and the identifier to label my message.
My issue is that I work through a lot of emails, and getting the mouse to right-click on the email takes longer than using keyboard shortcuts. So I edited my “~/.config/evolution/accels” to bind “/mail/mail-label-menu” to a keyboard shortcut. The problem is that when I use this shortcut, the menu does not appear, and I cannot use my mnemonic identifier to label the message. I can label them with numbers, but not with the identifier. Identifier would be much easier for me since it’s easier to remember than number.
Is this expected behavior? Otherwise, I’ll send a bug report / feature request, but I wanted to check that this wasn’t on purpose before doing so.


mail-label-menu is not a top level menu, thus even you press the
assigned key, the gtk+ probably knows you want to expand the menu, but
because it’s not visible anywhere, it does effectively nothing.

Does your keyboard have a button for the context menu. It can be
between right Alt and right Control on some keyboards. If not, it works
to press Shift+F10 to open the context menu, instead of using mouse.

I hesitate to open label menu by a keyboard shortcut when it is part of
the context menu. It’s part of the main menu as well, but it’s buried
deep in “Alt+M k l” sequence, which is too long.

I thought changing menu layout would also work, but it does not,
because the Label menu is generated on the fly and the code doesn’t
know about the new place of it.

That leaves this to Shift+F10 l sequence.



I now discovered that my new keyboard does have a context menu key that I didn’t notice before! And it does the job perfectly. Thanks a lot for the answer.


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