Use meld to compare files via Nemo's "overwrite file" dialogue

I noticed that (under Mint / MATE) there is an integration of meld with Caja: when you try to move or copy a file to a location where a file with the same name exists, you get this dialogue to choose to overwrite or skip, but there is also a button to use Meld to compare the two versions of this file.

Normally, I use Cinnamon & Nemo. I was looking for a way to have this very nice feature there as well. I found the nemo-compare to provide a context menu for Nemo.

Is there a nemo extension to use meld with the overwrite dialogue?

If not, do you have any hints that would help building such an extension? I haven’t looked into it, but in case the extension system of Caja and Nemo is similar, maybe there is something to reuse?

… any suggestions how I could integrate meld in Nemo’s “overwrite” dialog…?

This Caja integration is maintained by a third party. Meld doesn’t actually ship any integration plugins at all, so you’re probably better off asking the Nemo developers for assistance.