Use evolution-backup from flatpak in command line

I would like to make a regular backup of all evolution data using cron and the built-in evolution-backup programme. How can I do this, when Evolution is installed as a flatpak?

I am not an Evolution user so take my advise with a grain of salt.

I see that evolution-backup is bundled in the Evolution Flatpak. So you can enter the container with ‘flatpak --command=bash run org.gnome.Evolution’ and execute ‘/app/libexec/evolution-backup --backup $BACKUP_PATH’.

The backup file will not be accessible outside the sandbox, so before you do the step above, make sure you run flatpak override org.gnome.Evolution --filesystem=$BACKUP_PATH to grant Evolution the permission to access the filesystem folder in which you want to dump the backup file.

This is a workaround which is a bit hard to automate. I will ping the Evolution developers to see if this can be done in a simpler way.

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this is a first step, thanks for this hint. I tried it, but unfortunately it did not work.
I found evolution-backup under the following link in the flatpak: /app/libexec/evolution/evolution-backup, but calling this command the way you suggested gave a lot of error messages, e.g. unable to init server, or that dconf was missing, etc. So I think this does not get me further.
So I am curious, if the Evolution developers have another hint for that issues

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