Use-case for 3 directory or file comparison

Hi :slight_smile:

I always do 2 directory / file comparisons.

I wonder what could be a use-case for 3 directory / file comparison. How do you use it, please? :slight_smile:

Using meld as a revision control merge conflict resolving tool for example. You have a common ancestor, local changes and remote changes.

Thank you. :slight_smile:
Could you detail it please?

I understand you have:

  • a public commit (common ancestor),
  • a work that you’ve done since the last commit (local changes),
  • someone doing a pull request (remote changes).

Is it right?

I never had to handle a pull request.

I understand that in 3 directory comparison, the 2 directories on sides are not directly compared, they are only compared to the one in the middle.
Which one do you put in the middle? Local changes?

And then, what kind of operations do you do on them?
Do you copy differences from remote changes to local changes, while keeping an eye on differences between common ancestor and local changes?

I understand that when I compare A B and C, it’s equivalent to compare A and B then B and C, there is nothing very sophisticated, just the 3 A B and C are both on the screen at the same time (instead of being 2 of them).
Am I right?