Upgrading Ubuntu 20.04 -> 22.04 What is needed to keep DD functioning?

I’ve captured all the (20.04) ‘Backup’ program configuration dialog windows. After I install 22.04 - will I simply be able to configure the backing up in DD? Or are there any caveats I should be aware of? Thanks.

Hello! Let me make sure I understand what you’re doing - you’re upgrading from Ubuntu 20.04 to 22.04, I got that.

But are you making a backup first, planning to wipe your hard drive, and worried about how to set up Deja Dup again to restore from that backup?

(That’s fine to do, but note that Deja Dup shines more as an incremental, ongoing backup solution – for what you’re doing, it might be easier to just copy your files directly to an off-disk folder.)

But to answer your question, yes - once you’re back up in 22.04, you should be able to open up Deja Dup and click “Restore From a Previous Backup” which will prompt you just for the location and a password (if you set one). Then you can select files to restore. So you should only need to be able to point Deja Dup at your backup files and you’re good to go.

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