Updating widgets after data has been changed by my program

Hi, hope this is the right place for this. To give a bit of context, I’m returning to programming after 20 years, I’m ok with C but GTK is all new, so…

The application is for entering wagon data, at startup the default is

Using the widgets I can add, delete etc wagons to the list ok (I can see all is well in ddd), but… how do I update the widgets on the screen, or the whole window, when moving through the list using Previous/Next, something like ‘force_redaw(widget)’?


To update the widgets value, you have to explicitly set their new properties.
You can implement your own force_redaw function, and from it call gtk_label_set_text (or something equivalent for other widget types) for each label (or whatever) in your window.

If your underlying data model is GObject-derived, there should be a way to bind its properties with the display widget, but that’s becoming quite complex…

Widgets are automatically redrawn when you update their properties.

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