Update syntax highlighting rules for gedit

Hello, thank you for gedit.

When using gedit with syntax highlighting mode set to “Octave”, it erroneously does not highlight the Octave function “uniquetol”, part of the Octave language for 18 months. I request you to add “uniquetol” to the list of Octave keywords. If this is user-configurable, please point to how to edit keywords ourselves.

Thank you again for gedit!

I think the file to edit is here. Do you want to try reporting an issue against gtksourceview?

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Yes, the syntax highlighting definition files are located in the GtkSourceView library.

But in the meantime, you can also copy manually the *.lang file inside a home directory that gedit will take first instead of the GtkSourceView one. As usual, see the docs, so the directory is: ~/.local/share/gtksourceview-4/language-specs/. (gedit uses GSV 4, and its API version is just “4”).

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Thank you. I will make the change to a user-specific file and tell gtksourceview also.

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