Update on convergence theming with Ubuntu, Pop_OS, Manjaro, etc.?

I remember the discussion from one or two years ago, starting around the time when Ubuntu adopted the GNOME Desktop again, about the theming decisions that popular distros make, and that kind of go in against design decisions of the GNOME developers? …

The last two iterations of both Ubuntu and Pop_OS saw an attempt to have the Yaru and Pop theme converge with Adwaita as much as possible, and the start of a discussion about how to go forward, creating design principles that different distros could respect when branding their distro, whilst at the same time sticking with the official app logos.

What has happened since then? By the looks of Ubuntu 20.04 that, the discussion seems to have somewhat stalled? Or am I wrong? … I am still a big fan of some of the ‘bigger’ official themes (which I mentioned before) trying to converge as much as possible with Adwaita, but creating the possibility in Adwaita to adapt to brand colours, to a ‘darker’ theme, also in the Shell.

Does anyone have an update? Can I, as a member of both communities (GNOME and Ubuntu), help in any way to have Canonical hold up their end of the bargain?


I’m not quite sure - I was there at last year’s GUADEC - from what I remember - there was going to be some of way to change colors and the like while keeping the Adwaita the same… the idea was that you can distinguish your product from stock GNOME.

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