Update contact info page via GNOME Help

Hi, the contact information link via GNOME Help returns a 404 page. Below are the steps to reproduce (the [dot] notation is due to the “Sorry, new users can only put 3 links in a post” nuisance):

  1. Go to help[dot]gnome[dot]org
  2. Scroll to the bottom and click “Contact”
  3. Reach the 404 page at https://www.gnome.org/contact/

I’m assuming it should go to this page instead:

  1. Go to gnome[dot]org
  2. Scroll to the bottom and click “Contact Us”
  3. Reach the page at Contact Us – The GNOME Foundation

Separately, sending an email to docs-feedback@gnome[dot]org generates an auto-response from gitlab-issues@gnome[dot]org with the message:

Unfortunately, your email message to GitLab could not be processed.
We couldn’t figure out what the email is for. Please create your issue or comment through the web interface.

This has been occurring since at least October 2023 (when I ran into this issue), and it was reported again here earlier this month. As such, the email feedback process may also require reconfiguration. Thank you!

See also the associated bug in gnome docs:

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