Unread mail not showing

Problem is simply what the header says. A number of folders in my Evolution have unread mail. Earlier today, something arrived - I noticed it there for an instant as I restored Evolution window from minimised - and immediately disappeared; the number unread in that folder had incremented to include the new arrival but no unread emails are visible. Likewise unread emails have become invisible in other folders, though the numbers unread continue to be correct by my reckoning.

I have tried restarting Evolution. Also tried restarting my computer. Unread emails remain visible when I log in to mail server webmail service, but that’s clunky & annoying so I really don’t want to use it. (Interestingly, messages read via webmail subsequently became visible.)

Version 3.44.4-0ubuntu1

Any help most welcome.

Did you check the Help? See Help > Contents > Common Mail Questions and Problems > I cannot see some emails, where are they?

Thank you Andre. Just checked through those possibilities - bit of a rush, I’m between clients, but I think I’ve checked all I need, still no change. Very frustrating. What I really don’t understand, too, is the way something clearly changed in an open application without my having done anything to change it.

what do you see above the message list, please? There’s a bar, which
looks like this:

Show: [ All Messages ] Search: [ … ] in [ Current Folder ]

where the things in the “[]” are the values you can change.

I guess it’s not “All Messages” for you, but something else, or the
“Search” is an entered text. Even if it is “All Messages”, try to
change it to “Unread Messages” and then back to “All Messages”, which
can reset the state.

How this could happen? The value can be changed by a mouse wheel, when
the mouse cursor is above the widget. Maybe you wanted to scroll the
message list, but you’ve been above the widget and did not notice the


Thank you Milan, that is exactly what the problem was. Really grateful for that, and apologies to the list for not looking properly to see what was going on.

Best wishes,

I’m curious, did the Show say “Read Messages” or it was showing “All
Messages”, but the view looked like showing only read messages?
If the later, then there would be a bad bug in the code, giving wrong
impression to the users, pretending all messages are shown, while only
a subset is shown.

When I looked closely enough (and part of the problem was that until your message I hadn’t realised that was the place I needed to look) it was saying ‘Read Messages’. I don’t recall what it was saying last night but I can’t imagine it was different; with hindsight, I think that was the only bit of the search bar I didn’t properly look at. (It didn’t help that I was trying to sort out this problem in short gaps between clients at the end of a long working day, but that’s not a good excuse.) So I think we must conclude the bug was in the user :grinning:

Thanks again for your help.

I see, thanks. There is a request to make it clearer that the search is
in effect, which may help in the future.

Maybe the button could be a slightly different color if it was set to something other than “All Messages”, or something like that, to draw the eye.

I’ve been thinking of hiding the bar, when not being used:


Hm, OK, I don’t quite see how it will work to choose a different sorting method if the entire bar is missing but I have no strong feelings about it.

I don’t use the Show: drop-down but I do use the search bar quite a bit so I hope it doesn’t become harder to use / require more mousing around to find it and use it.

the current way of doing this seems to be to have a button with a
magnifier icon to show the search bar. You might see it both with (not
only) GNOME applications, but also on the web sites.

Feel free to write your thoughts to the bug, the change, whenever it’ll
be done, should not make things significantly harder. It’s good both to
indicate the search is active and to save space, when not searching,

As it is now, Alt+C focuses the Search entry. That can stay the same,
it would only show the search bar too (other/standard short cuts are
taken by other actions).


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