"unmatched" category for calendar and task

I use Evolution 3.48.3 (3.48.3-1.fc38) with Linux.
I wonder what the “unmatched” category for calendar and task stands for.

Is there another expression that describes it better? I see differences in my calendar entries when switching from “unmatched” to “Any Category”. What is “unmatched” good for?

Thank you in advance

that’s a good question. I’d expect, from its name, that it “cooperates”
with the “Search” part, like when searching for tasks containing
“Milan”, using the “Unmatched” option will show all tasks which do not
contain the word “Milan”, but it’s not it.

Looking into the code, the Unmatched means “without any category set”.
It’s for all Calendars, Memos and Tasks.

I’ll rename it to “Without Category”, thus it’s more obvious what it

Thank you for the heads up.

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Dear Milan,

thank you for the clarification and upcoming improvement.

Kind regards

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