Unix notification in gtk

Dear All,
Not sure this question is applicable to this board. But still thought, I would post it.

I was using gtk-3.22 and RHEL-7. the code is used to display data and it changes with new data.
I have some C++ function (no gtk) to register the event witha callback
status = register (event, callback_fn);
callback_fn catches the even signal of new data arrival. It is very similar to inotify.

It was working in RHEL-7 , but the signal is not picked up in RHEl-8 unless I comment out gtk_init (so the whole gtk code is commented out).
the signal is caught well when I comment out gtk_init.

Not sure what makes the difference between RHEL-7 and 8 with gtk.
Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Well, especially without knowing more of this ‘register’, all I can really say is that I imagine you’ve got fairly disparate versions of various dependencies

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