Unit testing libsoup3 SoupServerCallbacks without engaging code between socket and callback

I am in the process of porting libdmapsharing to libsoup3. I have a number of unit tests that create a SoupMessage request before passing it (along with some other “synthetic” parameters) directly to one of libdmapsharing’s SoupServerCallbacks. With libsoup3, there are separate SoupMessage and SoupServerMessage classes, and SoupServerCallbacks now expect the latter. I can still create a SoupMessage that contains a request, but I cannot see how to build a SoupServerMessage around that request.

What I am trying to do is perform unit testing on my callbacks without engaging all of the libsoup processing from socket to callback. Am I missing something simple? How can I manually create a SoupServerMessage, including the request portions? It seems soup-server-message-private.h might have what I need, but its definitions are not meant to be used outside of libsoup.

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