Uninstalling Meld diff tool on Windows

How does one uninstall Meld on Windows? To install, we run the msi, but to uninstall, is it just a matter of finding the path to the Meld folder (by default, seems to be C:\Users[username]\AppData\Local\Programs\Meld) and then deleting the whole Meld folder?

Whatever the correct process, could that be added as an article to the Wiki on the main site?

(it seems that you performed a user-profile-wide install, not system-wide install, so I’m not sure if my experience with system-wide install can be applied here)

To remove a system-wide installed meld - a standard windows “Programs and Features” can be used.
It uninstalles:

  • Meld’s application folder (similar to the ine you mentioned)
  • Meld shortcut from start menu
  • Meld entry in “Programs and feautures” and some installer settings

The main difference to manual deletion of Meld’s folder - if an item is kept in “Programs and feautures” on the next install of Meld - it may reuse previous installation path without ability to change it (not sure here).

gsettings-based configuration stored in the windows registry in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\GSettings\org\gnome\meld
is NOT cleared by uninstall as far as I remember

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