Unified Transform Tool - possible bug and suggestion

I’ve been getting a lot of good use out of Gimp; it’s a great tool and I really enjoy using it to make animated gifs. I’ve been trying to experiment with the Unified Transform Tool, however I’ve discovered something. When I try to lock the pivot point on the tool, if I switch to a different tool, coming back to the unified transform tool, the pivot point is back to the center, even if I tried to lock it in a different position. I’m not sure if this is a bug, of if I’m just not using the tool correctly.

Also, I saw that the warp transformation tool has an animate feature on it. I think that would be a really useful feature to have with other tools, like the Unified Transform Tool, Scaling, and also filters like Ripple, Shift, and Spherize.

Not unexpected if you exit the tool. From one use to the next it won’t even figure out if it is working on the same layer & selection as before.

This said the purpose of the UTT is that you can do plenty of things within the same call and its major perk is that after all the rotation/shearing/scaling/whatever, all this is combined in one single final transform on the image so pixel interpolation is done only once and you don’t accumulate blur like you would do using other transforms individually. In other words your workflow should if possible organized around a single call to the tool anyway…

I see, well the loss of the lock on the pivot is fair.

I’d still like to see the animate feature applied to more tools and filters. It would make creating animated gifts much, much smoother and simpler.

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