Undo a saved layer

Greetings, we saved a layer with our work on it. Is there a way to undo a saved layer in Dia. Help!

I’m not sure what you mean?

We drew a whole schematic, saved it as a layer only to realized, we forgot to turn off page lines before doing that. So we have a schematic with page lines that we cannot remove. We used the undo command many times thinking it would take us to before the “Save Layer” step was created, but that did not work.

I’m still a little lost as to what you mean by “Save Layer”?

If page breaks are the problem you can turn them off in preferences (or change colour in diagram properties)

Look in the users manual for the topic about creating, naming layers.

Right I know about layers :slight_smile: What I’m less clear on is what you mean by “saved layer”, especially when your issue seems to be with page breaks?

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