Undecorate maximized windows - how is it achieved?

Ok, so the upgrade broke some of the extensions. One thing I did in the past was to set up “undecorate maximized windows” . Worked pretty nice with the additional setting that added window buttons (close , maximize, minimize) to the top bar when window was maximized.

The problem is white the latter stopped working (no buttons), the former still is

Any ideas what sort of setting etc. has been made to achieve this undecorate behavior (get back to default state)? As I’ve just reset dconf (to get rid of other problems after updating to 45) I guess it’s not something there.

You should ask your extension author to fix this

This is probably a residue of the unite extension…

If I knew for sure which extension did this I probably would :smiley: .But as those extensions no longer work due to breaking changes in Gnome 45 I can’t check it.
As @Spinnekop mentioned the most likely culprit is Unite.

Still I simply thought someone knows how the extensions might achieve this and point me to the right direction - so I could fix it myself.

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