Unable to set GTK3 icon theme

Hello all,

I’m trying to package an app on Windows for distributions and I’ve ran into the problem that I cannot set the icon theme via the settings.ini file.

I’m using msys2 (gtk 3.24.31) and manually collecting the dlls, theme and icon as described all over the web. So far so good. I can set the GTK theme correctly using the gtk-theme-name key in the settings, but not the icon theme (seems like neither gtk-icon-theme-name nor gtk-icon-fallback-theme keys have any effect).

I’ve verified with procmon that the app only ever searches for Adwaita, gnome and hicolor icons.

Interestingly enough, using GTK_DEBUG=interactive I can set the icon theme after the application start-up just fine.

Also GTK_DEBUG=icontheme gives me these lines (only the 16x16 size ever changes), but I don’t know what to make of it:

Gtk-Message: 07:09:51.532: look up icon dir /org/gtk/libgtk/icons/16x16/status/
Gtk-Message: 07:09:51.532: get icon suffix: 0

Of course I can just put all my icons into the hicolor icon directory -that works fine- but I’d rather get to the bottom of the problem.

Any suggestions on what I should try?

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