Unable to download updates from "extentions.gnome.org"

On a fresh CentOS7 install here. When I get applications installer I get this error.

unable to download updates from “extension.gnome.org”: [///source/shell-extensions/] failed to download https://extensions.gnome.org//static/extensions.json: cannot resolve hostname

I think I have to change the url some how but not sure.

This address works for me. Sounds like you may have a local networking problem.

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thanks Andy, yeah that sounds likely I am doing a bunch of stuff right now. Do you know where I would find the network setting for this?

There is no network setting for this :slight_smile:.

Likely you have a problem with your router settings, DNS, firewall or other such thing. My understanding of CentOS is that it does not target end users, and you may have better luck with a distribution like Fedora or Ubuntu.

Otherwise, you’re likely to find better help on a CentOS forum, since I’ve never heard of such an error occurring from any other distribution. Sorry I can’t help more, but maybe someone else will chime in.

Okay perfect thanks man. Good to know could be distro related. likely because of all the ip stuff I got going on.

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