Unable to compile/build "hello world" console application starting template

I’ve been developing a Gtk app using Vala and Builder (3.40.0) for about three months now and today I thought I’d try creating a console application. So I went through the various steps telling Builder the name of the app, where it’ll be created on disk, what kind of app to build, etc. and I ended up with a console project containing the concise, 5 line (minus comments) main.vala source file that’s supposed to print “hello world” once it is built and run. The only problem is that it won’t build. If I attempt to compile/build the app, the following single line is output and nothing else happens:

meson /home/bwblock/Desktop/hello . --prefix /home/bwblock/.var/app/org.gnome.Builder/cache/gnome-builder/install/hello/host

What could I be doing wrong? I can compile/build Gtk apps with no problem at all but a simple console app won’t even build. :frowning:

BTW, great job done on both Builder and Vala. I’m really enjoying using both these tools. :slight_smile:

Can you check the Messages pane in the bottom area (with the light bulb icon and a blue round indicator)? There should be some messages there.

I’ll give a go at this template too.

Ah right, I know what happens. The regular Application template ships a flatpak manifest, but this console template doesn’t ship one. So you’ll need to install vala and meson on your host system for it to work properly. Alternatively you can copy-paste the JSON manifest from the Vala application template to your console app and it should work with only small or no changes at all to it (just need to adapt the command part of the manifest if you didn’t name both the same way).

Thank you so much! I already had Vala installed on the host and just needed to install meson. It works now as advertised! :slight_smile:

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