Unable to back up a remote subdirectory

I am using deja-dup to back up a network drive. Under folders to back up, if I enter smb://pi4nas.local/jens/ things seem to proceed as they should but it just takes way too long - approx 12 hrs just for scanning of roughly 1 TB of data. I attempted to just do a particular subdirectory with smb://pi4nas.local/jens/cad but what I get is a more or less instantaneous backup and verify (no error message) of a very small backup of a very large data set. When I try to restore it I get an error message that the backup is empty.
Under folders to ignore I have Trash and ~/.cache. The ~/.cache part was manually added vie dconfig.
Why am I getting an empty backup?

The computer running the backup is a Raspberry pi 4 with an attached USB SSD drive. It is backing up a SAMBA directory of a NAS that is also set up on a pi4 with an attached USB SSD drive

Interesting… (note that ~/.cache is always excluded anyway, but it’s harmless to specify it yourself)

Can you provide the debug info/log in the About menu? Depending on your version it will be labeled Debug Information or System Information or similar.

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