Unable to apply upgrades using gnome-software. Error "Sorry, something went wrong"

In our environment we have users running RHEL 8.5 on Lenovo hardware.

We often received a request from a user indicating they cannot apply updates using the Gnome Software due to the error “Sorry, something went wrong: The name :1.1130 was not provided by any .service files”.

To resolve these issues we have users perform the following steps using sudo:

  • run command: dnf clean all
  • run command: rm -rf /var/cache/dnf
  • run command: killall gnome-software ; pkcon refresh force

The error is not strictly related to Red Hat. I was able to locate the same issue being reported on various distros (Arch, Ubuntu, Zorin OS, Fedora).

I did locate an older bugzilla report, but I was unable find anything more recent:

Is this a known Gnome defect?
Is there currently any available information that details why this error is encountered?

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