UI scaling seems not working correctly on the latest debian testing

After updating to the latest debian testing, some of my apps stopped working with scaling. Including Firefox ESR. Also, GIMP, VSCode, all kinds of stuff. But there are also the other half of apps that work fine. Like LibreOffice, etc.

I guess it’s a GTK problem. It made apps with GTK3 or earlier won’t work with scaling. I even tried GDK_DPI_SCALE=2, but no luck.

I’m using Gnome with Wayland. Tell me if you need any package info to understand this issue.

Do you guys have any ideas on how to fix this temporarily? Or the only thing I can do is wait for a fix.

I managed to find the problem. It’s gnome-settings-daemon. After downgrading from 46~beta-1 to 45.1-1, everything works fine now.

Fixed by gnome-settings-daemon 46.beta needs gsettings-desktop-schemas 46.beta (#778) · Issues · GNOME / gnome-settings-daemon · GitLab