Two questions about GtkColumnView

I have two questions regarding the usage of GtkColumnView,

  1. How could GtkColumnViewColumn header be made clickable and able to connect a callback, like GtkTreeViewColumn ?

  2. GtkColumnView headers could be done invisible, like GtkTreeView (gtk_tree_view_set_headers_visible)?

A GtkColumnView demo app ( could answer your question.

the current version has been refactored and is yet to be ready, so you could refer to version 1.1, it works fine.


Your app has two GtkColumnView widgets in a GtkNotebook.

The first one (Signal with editing), for example, has four columns entitled respectively: “Name”, “Type”, “Size” and “Date modified”.

Is it possible to make these titles (“Name”, “Type”,…) clickable and connect callbacks on clicked them ?

Thanks a lot,

Maybe you could try sample code:

private void rows_mouse_click_handler(GestureClick gesture, int n_press, double x, double y)
  if (gesture.widget is GtkColumnViewColumn) {
    // do something...

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