Turning mouse into "presentation device" from gnome-settings mouse menu

Most of the times, as I do not have dedicated “presentation device”, I use my wireless mouse to move forward and backward on my slides while I’m presenting.
I usually take my mouse and use only left and right click to switch my slides (sometimes the wheel to skip multiples slides when people ask questions), in this situation, mouse movement are annoying.
It would be nice to have a switch in gnome settings panel to activate this special mode (see attached screenshot), in which mouse movements are disabled, only buttons and wheel remain active:

We can imagine to disable this mode with a click combo, like maintaining left and right button for more than 3 or 4 seconds, or make it available only when another pointing device (touchpad) is available.
What do you think?

Hello @leo_Sartre!

The Settings app usually contains settings that we don’t change frequently. Also, the “Mouse and Touchpad” panel has general use settings, while the one you want is specific. So I think such a setting should be in apps, maybe like something automatically enabled when entering presentation mode.

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